Real Estate

Real Estate transactions can be complicated and confusing for many. We are skilled in explaining and simplifying the process for our clients. Our counselors can assist you with many issues from financing, acquisitions, sale agreements, leases, and compliance issues. Consult with Qureshi Law Firm to ensure your real estate assets are protected from potential creditors, divorce, probate, and taxation issues.

Real Estate Transaction Services

Multistate acquisition, disposition, lending, and leasing transactions

Negotiation and preparation of purchase and sale agreements, lease agreements, reciprocal easement agreements

Review of title, survey, zoning, leases and other diligence matters involving commercial real estate

Both landlords and tenants can benefit from properly drafted leases which explicitly address all rental terms. Vague form leases can lead to stress and expense down the line. Avoid these costs by consulting with an attorney at Qureshi Law Firm before presenting or signing any lease.

Landlord/Tenant Services

Draft and review commercial and residential rental leases

Ensure proper exclusivity in commercial leases

Resolve landlord-tenant disputes

Collect from or evict irresponsible or nonpaying tenants

Defend against unjust evictions

Demand return of security deposits that have been unfairly held