Practice Areas


The legal team at Qureshi Law Firm is experienced at developing comprehensive strategies for business start-ups. We constantly advise entrepreneurs on best practices and asset protection in the daunting first steps of business formation. We pride ourselves on retaining clients we assist with start-ups, and advising them through business disputes, corporate governance, and litigation issues which may confront them down the road. Learn more about our Business practice.

Estate Planning

Our Estate Planning practice encompasses all aspects of estate structuring, from proper drafting of wills and trusts through representation in probate proceedings. We also assist clients in matters of ensuring that their wishes are maintained while they live, and that their finances are protected if they become incapacitated or are otherwise unable to properly administer their assets. We assist clients with these concerns through living wills, powers of attorney, and guardianship. Learn more about our Estate Planning practice.


While our firm is generally focused on litigation avoidance, by providing the most valuable advice prior to legal conflict, sometimes conflict is unavoidable. When such conflicts arise, it is critical to preserve your legal right to be heard. Learn more about our Litigation practice.

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions can be complicated and confusing for many. Our attorneys are skilled in explaining and simplifying the process for our clients. Our counselors can assist you with many issues from financing, acquisitions, sale agreements, leases, and compliance issues. Consult with Qureshi Law Firm to ensure your real estate assets are protected from potential creditors, divorce, probate, and taxation issues. Learn more about our Real Estate Practice.

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