The legal team at Qureshi Law Firm is experienced at developing comprehensive strategies for business start-ups. We constantly advise entrepreneurs on best practices and asset protection in the daunting first steps of business formation. We pride ourselves on retaining clients we assist with start-ups, and advising them through business disputes, corporate governance, and litigation issues which may confront them down the road.

Business Start-up Services

Drafting and filing of corporate documents including articles of incorporation, corporate bylaws, and other necessary documents

LLC and partnership agreements

Buy/sell agreements

Commercial lease assistance

Asset Purchase Agreements

Mergers and Acquisitions

Limited Partnership Structuring

Advice on limiting exposure to personal assets from creditors/litigants

Our attorneys routinely assist our business clients with identifying potential legal risks and avoiding potential expenses of litigation that can result from employment issues. Proper agreements from the outset of a business, not just between co-owners, but also between employers and employees can save businesses tremendous money down the line.

Employment Counseling Services

Reviewing and drafting employment contracts, policies, and handbooks

Counseling regarding employee versus independent contractor issues

Assisting with reductions in force

Training regarding compliance and best practices

Non-compete agreements and non-disclosure agreements